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Osculati - Battery cable 50 mm red [14.382.50]

Cavo batterie rosso 50mm
Cavo batterie rosso 50mm
Cavo batterie rosso 50mm
Cavo batterie rosso 50mm
Code: 1438250
Made in accordance with EC standards for use in bilges.
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Price: 275.90 € (VAT inc.)
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 Price for: 24 meters
Please, check the exact match of the code with photos and descriptions in the below link to the catalogue in pdf

CodeVarianteSectionMax continuous current Ø outerRoll m
1438125 black25 mm100 A9,5 mm24
1438135 black35 mm125 A12 mm24
1438150 black50 mm160 A14 mm24
1438170 black70 mm250 A16 mm24
1438190 black95 mm300 A21 mm24
1438225 red25 mm100 A9,5 mm24
1438235 red35 mm125 A12 mm24
1438250 red50 mm160 A14 mm24
1438270 red70 mm250 A16 mm24
1438290 red95 mm300 A21 mm24
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